Custom Designed Bridal Accessories

What Makes a Veil Sacred?

Traditional Values

Today, it is not uncommon to see new brides go veil-less. This can be due to many reasons such as lack of available styles, resources and/or time.  I created Sacred Veils for those brides who still value tradition, and are willing to put in the extra time and effort into selecting the perfect veil.

Uniquely Designed

A unique hand crafted Sacred Veil will far surpass any store  brought ready-to-wear garment.  Because my veils are hand designed  originals, not cookie-cutter replicas worn by hundreds of other brides,  You can feel set apart on your special day, and treasure your  Sacred Veil as a lifetime heirloom.   

Cherished Heirloom

 My belief is that the Wedding Veil is apart of the Bride's Valor! It is the protective covering that she needs to take the stroll down the Bridal Walk of Fame.   As a Christian Based Company, I believe the veil symbolizes purity, modesty and honor.  I am fully committed to helping the Bride achieve this status symbol on her wedding day.               

To Veil or Not to Veil?

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Lindsey/Wedding: 10/2/15

  "Talecia was great to work with. She did a fantastic job transforming my mother's veil into a veil that I envisioned for my wedding. She was dedicated and responsive, I would definitely recommend her!"  

Nicole/Married: 8/2/14

"I I absolutely loved my Sacred Veil. It was a pleasure working with Talecia."

Dee Dee: Married 8/2015

"My Catherdral Veil was perfect for my wedding day.  I was amazed at how well Talecia brought my vision into reality."

Maggie/Wedding 7/23/16

" Talecia definitely knows what she's doing! I took my mom's old veil from the 70s that was hand made in Belgium and asked her to detach it from the original headpiece and make it more modern."


 Sacred Veil was awesome in getting me what I needed in time for my wedding! The designs are adorable and they're a pleasure to work with.  

Chiquita/Wedding: 3/5/15

  I absolutely love my Custom veil, it was made just the way I like.. I will refer. Thanks again for your amazing service Talecia